The Only Digestive Support Soft Chews Dogs Need

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It’s no use explaining human etiquette to our pups regarding gas, diarrhea and bad breath so let’s just GUT to the chase here. Our Digestive Support Soft Chews were specially formulated to be chock full of our proprietary blend of probiotics & enzymes known to support improvements in digestion & gut health, as well as aiding in a broad range of other health benefits for your pup including: improvement of immunity, skin & coat, and reducing allergy symptoms.

We know there are other supplement brands out there but what truly makes our Soft Chews different is this: Our cold pressed process does not use any heat or water, which allows us to maintain the full integrity, viability and flavor profile of all the ingredients.

**International Buyers - Please note this product contains animal byproducts which we cannot export to countries outside of the United States.

Natural Rapport
Made in United States
Weight: 11.68 oz