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The HIT Living Foundation, a Los Angeles-based dog rescue, established in 2018 when Founder Heather Crowe, inspired by her transformative experience with a Potcake (what dogs are called in the Caribbean) named Kesa from the Bahamas, decided to turn her concern for displaced dogs into a passionate mission. Influenced by Gandhi's wisdom, "be the change you wish to see in the world," Crowe set out to make a difference.

The acronym "HIT" in HIT Living is an acronym for honesty, integrity, and trust, reflecting a lifestyle choice that each and every one of us can choose to live by daily. Initially a team of four, including Crowe's mother, sister, and partner, HIT Living has grown to include over 25 team members. Since its inception, the foundation has successfully rescued, rehabilitated, and rehomed more than 1500 dogs.

HIT Living's dog intake is a diverse range, from medical cases and red-listed dogs in Los Angeles and nearby shelters to owner surrenders and dogs in need from Mexico. Beyond borders, HIT has extended its impact, delivering medical supplies to a Cuban rescue, organizing over 10 spay/neuter clinics in the Bahamas, and facilitating the transportation of 200 Potcakes to the U.S., where they found their forever homes.

At the core of HIT Living's mission is the belief and advocacy for a world where dog homelessness is a distant memory. By prioritizing spaying, neutering, and education, the foundation envisions a future where compassion and responsible practices eradicate the plight of homeless dogs.

Donation: $1