About Us

Inspired by a fisherman in the family, we made our first three-strand, hand-spliced and whipped rope leash for our rescue pups back in 2006. So many people stopped us in the street to admire our unique nautical leads that we decided to share them with others.

Our founders met on Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn while walking their two rescue pups, both of whom were named Walter. The Walters were sizing each other up, and their people started a conversation that quickly revealed their passion for animal welfare. They decided to become partners after discovering they had more in common than two rescue dogs with the same name. They had both attended great design schools—Cooper Union and Rhode Island School of Design—and were passionate about animals, animal welfare and a love of the principles of good design.

Materials & Construction

Our accessories are meant to last and last. All of our accessories are U.S. made, handcrafted in New York, NY for adopted animals and their people.

Our leashes are hand-spliced to withstand thousands of pounds of pull with the ends then "whipped" (an old nautical term) for additional durability.

Nothing ages more beautifully than marine-grade rope and metals or waxed canvas.

The individually-numbered, stamped tags on each FOUND leash serve as a reminder of the uniqueness of your animal and allow us to keep track of the number of animals you have helped so far.


The adjustable solid o-rings and clips (marine grade hardware) on our adjustable FOUND leashes allow it to be used in any of the following ways:

As a simple hand-held leash of variable lengths
To clip your animal to a fence, tree or post
Around your waist, freeing up your hands
Over your shoulder, across your chest

It is very easy to adjust the o-rings, you hold one of the rings still and twist the rope through the ring with your free hand. The braids of the rope will separate slightly for the ring to move along. The ring will stay where you leave it. You may clip either end of the leash to your dog's collar.


Leashes Adjustable

Size Weight Length Thickness
S Dog S 5–12lbs 7 ft 6 mm
M Dog M 12–50 lbs 7 ft 8 mm
L Dog L 50–100+ lbs 7 ft 12 mm

Leashes Standard

Size Weight Length Thickness
S Dog S 5–12lbs 5 ft 6 mm
M Dog M 12–50 lbs 5 ft 8 mm
L Dog L 50–100+ lbs 5 ft 12 mm

Collars Rope

Size Weight Length Thickness
S Dog S 5–12 lbs 10–13 in 1/2 in
M Dog M 12–30 lbs 12.5–15 in 5/8 in
L Dog L 30–40 lbs 15–18 in 7/8 in
XL Dog XL 40+ lbs 19–22.5 in 1 in

Collars Canvas

Size Weight Length Thickness
S Dog S 5–12 lbs 9–12 in 1/2 in
M Dog M 12–30 lbs 10.5–13.5 in 5/8 in
L Dog L 30–40 lbs 13.5–18.5 in 7/8 in
XL Dog XL 40+ lbs 19–27 in 1 in


Size Girth Harness Width
S Dog S 13–18 in 1/2 in
M Dog M 19–27 in 1/2 in
L Dog L 20–30 in 1 in

Accesories Bed

Size Dimensions
M Dog M 30x30 in
L Dog L 40x40 in

Shipping & Returns

Satisfaction Assured

Your satisfaction is our success. If you wish to return or exchange any item please advise us within 7 days of receipt. Items must not have been used or damaged in anyway. You will be responsible for the cost of postage/courier for returned goods unless the original item was shipped in error.

How to return an item

Please re-package your item carefully so that it returns to us undamaged. You will be responsible for the package until we receive it so please make sure your item is insured and/or able to be traced. We recommend using an insured postage/courier method as we can not accept responsibility for items not shipped by ourselves.

Faulty Items

Our products are designed to last and last. If your item fails to exceed your expectation please contact us at found@foundmyanimal.com.

Returns Shipping Address

Found My Animal
45 Pine Grove Avenue,
Suite# 103
Kingston, NY, 12401

Any item purchased from one of our retailers must be returned to that retailer.

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